Friday, July 13, 2007

Hi, hi!

Hi, hi! I'm the Hound of the Nocturnals. I am the mistress of this blog. I'm obviously an anime fan, or also known as an otaku. I'm a cosplayer and proud of it! It's a great feeling to be a cosplayer and not nothing. I can write stories and planning to be an author when I get the feeling that I'm gonna publish my first novel, or triology. I maybe going to take game designing or I.T. when I go to college and might even create MY first ever anime. Anyways, if you wanna read any of my creations, here you go!
And if need any answers from me, just comment and I'll answer. Fair? Now... Please scroll lower!


Dark Emo Bish said...

Will someone leave a freaking comment?

Katherine said...

i'm here